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12/08/2014 16:43

Accommodation in Vietnam

In Viet Nam, many accommodation options available to you to accommodate you during your stay. Here are the main ones:



A wide range of hotels is available, ranging from mini-hotels springs to 5 stars. For cons, the hotel classification does not always meet international standards that are found in Western countries. Be careful because you may be surprised. Reservation with mini-hotels is not always certain, you may be refused even if you make your reservation in advance !. With mid-range hotels, the problem is less because their organization is already well established and greater resources (staff, services ...).


These accommodations meet criteria ecologically with such actions implemented solar panels providing electricity and hot water, waste water recycling, use of natural materials in construction, targeted economic benefits (employment of local artisans, staff the region), etc. Outside the norms of traditional classification, these accommodations emphasize especially the contact with nature, friendliness and spirit "family" at the expense of practical aspects (additional blankets to make up for the lack of heat in winter!).

Completely new concept in Vietnam, the only Ecolodge has terraced bungalows (double or twin beds) with balcony, health and individual showers. The main attraction: a breathtaking view of the mountains and rice terraces. Because of their isolation, found in ecolodges a restaurant, a bar, and numerous possibilities for excursions with local guides.

Budget: 100 to 150 € per room, including transportation from the nearest city breakfast and half board (dinner).If you please stop in Tam Coc Ninh Binh, there is a Bungalow which reads their website for more information: 


Guesthouse or sleep homestay

Accommodation Homestay in Vietnam is a very nice way to immerse yourself in local life vietnamiens.Ce type of accommodation is not common in Vietnam because sometimes binding. Indeed, hosting foreign tourists in a Vietnamese family requires to inform the Commissioner of Police of the district.
However, moving this paperwork, sleep homestay becomes increasingly "trendy" and a hit with tourists. Indeed, this allows to share the daily life of local, their family meal, culture, habits and customs of the Vietnamese. A May Chau for example, a pretty populated mainly Muong in Hoa Binh province, valley forty families welcome tourists. In the South, it costs ten Euros per night on average. Due to a reasonable price and an authentic ambience, housing in homestay has become "fashionable" way for a interesting  vietnam travel . In the province of Vinh Long, for example, in 2011, there have been over 50% of foreign tourists who choose this method of housing.


the boat

Private traditional junk, junks small to medium capacity vessels from 12 to 30 cabins ... the choices are many for the night on Halong Bay or sail the small canals of the Mekong Delta.Without official classification, the differences are considerable yet a product to another, beyond the comfort level certainly variable is the "spirit" in which you travel that will be critical to guide you in your choice on time comes.


In Viet Nam, the site is simply forbidden. However, crossing the plains and mountains of northern Vietnam you will have more chance to pitch your tent on condition of not being seen or terminated. But it is rare because the ethnic groups of these regions willingly. Tip: always ask for their consent.There in Vietnam a very quaint, which is realized by a personal project of an architect, is of great orginalité. It is inspired by the nature that surrounds and provides rounded up in the hallways and rooms. This hotel recalls the architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona. This is one of the most original hotels in the world so do not miss it if you're in the area.